Our program teaches how to set up your own ceramic impression business and may be completed in as little as three days. Our most important objective is that you leave feeling comfortable making hand and foot impressions. We pride ourselves on client support and will be there as your business develops to answer your questions. Because we are not a franchise we will hold no claim to your business. Once training is complete it belongs to you. We are passionate about making beautiful ceramic hand and foot impressions and can't wait to pass our knowledge and passion down to you and your business.

    What is Included
  • 3 days training in our Highland, Ut location
  • 500 pounds clay
  • glazes (over 16 gallons total)
  • shape cutters
  • finishing tools
  • brushes and glazing equipment
  • rolling equipment
  • lettering stencils
  • ribbon
  • wholesale suppliers and contact list
  • marketing manual
  • training manual
  • business CD containing forms, business cards, and marketing material personalized just for you

Ongoing support
We know learning something new can take time and practice. Questions often arise after returning home. Understanding this, we expect and are happy to provide ongoing support. We offer support via telephone or email. In addition, we provide the option to return to the studio to refresh any steps. Our primary goal is to provide the best training at an affordable price. Feel free to contact us with any questions via our contact us link.