Q. What days do you offer training?
A. Unlike our competitors who only offer training one weekend a month, we schedule around you and only you. You never share your training time with any one else.

Q. What kind of glazes do you use?
A. Although we do use some commercial glazes, many of our glazes are custom mixed by us. This way we offer something no one else can duplicate.

Q. What if I need help after I'm done?
A. We provide ongoing support. Whether by email, phone or by returning to the studio your needs will be met.

Q. What if I'm not an "artsy" person.
A. Anyone can learn to do this. Our step by step process, and state of the art techniques make it simple. Our biggest asset is patience. We'll practice until you feel comfortable.

Q. I already own a studio but I like your techniques. Do you offer partial training?
A. Yes, we can custom create a program for anyone.